2020: a long, strange start to the season!

Looking back at 2019 brings a lot of happy words to mind: hot, breezy, sunny, serene, calm, soft, laughter, sharing, visiting, enjoy, renew, rest, and …best word of all…recharge! I smile as I write thinking of all the fun we had on island during our visits last year! We had such a banner year in … [Read more…]

We made it!

Yes!! We made it!  …through the storm, through our second year of sharing our beautiful island with friends (old & new!), and attained our goals for up grades on SunCatcher! Our year started off with an early tropical storm in May bringing along with it high winds & heavy rains. We got to experience a … [Read more…]

Change is good, Right?!

It’s been a busy summer at SunCatcher! I believe our sweet little house has seen more visitors than ever before in it’s entire history! We have been thrilled to have guests enjoying winter ‘snowbirding,’ quiet couple retreats, girlfriend weekends, family holiday outings, first time explorers of SGI, AND an engagement taking place on our front … [Read more…]

My Favorite things

Summer is back and so are summer travelers. SunCatcher has been busy this year and we have been delighted by the number of guests thus far! One thing that is for sure…there are plenty of people discovering, and ultimately falling in love with, The Forgotten Coast and SGI! On my most recent trip down I … [Read more…]

Happy Anniversary!!!

I looked at the calendar the other day and did a double take as I realized September was half gone! And directly on the heels of that startling ‘discovery’ came the thought that ONE FULL YEAR has gone by! Yep, one year since that nauseating, thrilling, daunting, rollercoaster ride of a day…September 16th 2016, the … [Read more…]

FAQ Time!!!

It’s been 10 amazing months since we purchased SunCatcher! We have been so pleased with the response from family and friends and it delights us to no end to answer questions about our vacation rental! So many questions have come to us that we decided to put together a list of “frequently asked questions” as … [Read more…]

Happy May…It’s Turtle Time!

Happy May, Ya’ll!   ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]    May 1st through October 31st, the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico welcomes its’ favorite seasonal residents back home; Sea Turtles! St George Island is no exception and we LOVE our turtles! With that said…let’s talk turtle!! There are seven species of sea turtles most of … [Read more…]

Well, that month flew by!!

After our January 2016 trip, Don & I decided that we would attempt a month of ‘snow-birding’ on St George Island. Spending a week in sweatshirts and/or shirtsleeves while dodging -4 degrees back home in Iowa made us think, “why not do this for a whole month?” And so it began… Fast forward to January … [Read more…]

Winter Island style

” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]Happy December 1st to all our Island loving friends! As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, I start yearning (more? daily!?) to head down South. Although Christmastime is truly magical and even more so with a fluffy white layer upon the ground, I think the majority of the winter holidays … [Read more…]

Nothing else like it…

“How did you learn about the island?” is a common question we hear from family and friends when we tell them of SGI. Well, let me tell you a bit about the beginning… A dear friend with whom I grew up with, Melanie (Finch) Roberts, has family from the Tallahassee area which is about an … [Read more…]