My Favorite things

Summer is back and so are summer travelers. SunCatcher has been busy this year and we have been delighted by the number of guests thus far! One thing that is for sure…there are plenty of people discovering, and ultimately falling in love with, The Forgotten Coast and SGI!

On my most recent trip down I was reflecting on some of the reasons why we chose SGI and what exactly keeps drawing me back? I think deep down anyone who travels has a sense of what ‘place’ makes them happiest; whether it’s a Galleria Mall or a mountain cabin or an ice fishing hut or a Mediterranean cruise, we connect with a place that gives us a sense of wellbeing.

What is is about SGI? 

The island speaks to me in many ways that I recognize as energizing and soul replenishing. As I have returned time and again the realization that this is where I want to be has kind of struck home…in a good way! I have so many ‘favorite things’ that I enjoy; my family & friends, my hobbies, travel & new places to explore. I’m fascinated by the idea that a place holds so much draw for me on a gut level. I now believe it’s a perfect blend of real people, simple lifestyle, good food, outdoor life, and a love of the lands end environment. The endless delight I find in it all…well, it never grows old!

I hope you too, find endless delight in your travels & experiences…maybe even on SGI. Hope to see you there soon!