Beauty of the Gulf

Once again, we decided to kick off the new year with some beach time at SunCatcher. Mother Nature did not disappoint us! While the morning walk was a little Brisk, the stunning array of shells and warm rays of sunshine were a welcome respite to the brutal cold of an Iowa winter.

It may be cold, but the shelling never stops. Beautiful shells all along our walk, proving once again, that the addiction is strong! Tiny ones, big ones, baby's ears, cockels and scallops, and thousands of others. We even saw this gorgeous horseshoe crab shell. And Yes, we might have gathered a few special shells for our guests to enjoy at SunCatcher!


We managed to wind our way down the beach from SunCatcher all the way to the Lighthouse. Stopped in and had a fabulous time catching up with our great friends at Island Dog, Bryan and Julie. Then it was off to Paddy's for a late lunch and of course, a little time next to the fire pit before heading home. By evening time, we were sitting on the deck and enjoying the evening sunset. It was the perfect day to kick back and relax and just enjoy the island.