Winter Island style

Happy December 1st to all our Island loving friends!

As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, I start yearning (more? daily!?) to head down South. Although Christmastime is truly magical and even more so with a fluffy white layer upon the ground, I think the majority of the winter holidays I’ve experienced have included biting winds, ice storms, bone chilling temps or a combination of all three! …aaand then there’s January & February…need I say more? 

Well, January of last year found the intrepid Seymour’s on SGI to experience winter weather in northern Florida. All of our prior travels to SGI have been June through September with that wonderful summer beachy feel. Since we know we love the warm water and hot sunshine, we thought it time to see how winter on the island feels. Well, it was truly a pleasant surprise and quite different from our experiences in deep, south Florida where the seasonal temps range from hot to hotter to “holy burning Hades!” We were happy to discover that winter in northern Florida brings chilly mornings and evenings (perfect for cute sweaters and layers!) but you still get lovely afternoons with temps that climbed into the 60’s and 70’s. Morning walks on the beach with a steaming cup of coffee are delightful and really, who wouldn’t love a sunny afternoon on the deck or a local patio…in January?! (please enjoy my slideshow…windows down with sunburned cheeks, patio time, and of course on the beach! In January! MUCH more charming than the bone chilling -2 degrees that greeted us upon our return to Iowa! )

So today finds me looking forward to another January stay on our beloved SGI and the excitement of preparing SunCatcher for the 2017 season! We have new furniture ready for delivery as well as a few more changes inside and out planned; I’ll be posting photos of our winter projects and updates…hope to see you there!